Medi9 freestanding

Dispenser Stand


The Medi9 Dispenser Stand provides long lasting disinfection and biological cleanliness to hands.

The high performance formulation coats the skin with a monomolecular layer that continues providing protection long after the initial application. Regular use ensures sustained broad spectrum pathogen protection.

Medi9 Dispenser Stand is an excellent solution for public areas such as restaurants, bars, ballrooms and corridors. Being lightweight and easy to handle makes it a safe friendly unit to use.

• RTU (Ready To Use)
• Apply, rub and go – no need to rinse off
• Provides residual protection – use for prevention and for cure
• Fragrance free – safe for use in food preparation areas
• Non-hazardous – safe for use in the vicinity of vulnerable people and children
• Alcohol, Chlorine and Triclosan free
• Safe to use in challenging environments and on sensitive equipment
• REACH and COSHH exempt

• Base: D: 305mm, W:305mm, H:4mm
• Stand: D:152mm, W:165mm, H:1422mm
• Gross Weight: approx. 5.945kg
• Hand Foam Pouch: 750ml
• Tested to: EN1276, EN13704, EN1650, EN14476
• Test data is available on request.

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