Universal Clean – Up Powder

Product code:
ME906004 – 40g Sachet
ME906005 – 150g sachet
ME906006 – 240g Shaker Tub
ME906009 – 1.5kg Bucket with scoop
ME906012 – 5kg Bucket with scoop
ME906015 – 10kg Bucket with scoop

Medi9 Superabsorb is a superabsorbent polymer specifically engineered for absorption and retention of fluids associated with the healthcare industry.

Medi9 Superabsorb is a swellable, in-soluble, cross-linked polymer, packaged as a white, granular product in its dry form. Upon contact with fluids, a gel is formed. The resulting gel, with excellent mechanical stability, retains these fluids well, even under stress, since the absorption is based on a physical-chemical process.

• RTU (Ready To Use)
• Safe to use in any environment
• Fragrance free / No odour
• Simply apply to body fluid, allow to gel and then dispose of via hazardous waste

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