Superabsorb-Universal Spill Kit

Product code:
Standard Kit – ME906101
Standard Kit Plus – ME906105
Kit Plus With Hazard Cone – ME906110

Medi9 Superabsorb Spill Kits are suitable for a variety of spills including body fluids and other biohazards. Packaged into individual disposable kits, these units contain everything required to handle a spill. Non chlorine-based, odour-free, non-toxic, they are safe to use in any environment including food preparation areas. The pack provides PPE and cleaning materials for both containment and disposal in one unit. The kit contents are listed below.

• Safe to use in any environment
• Fragrance free / No odour
• Simply shake granules onto spill area, allow to gel and then dispose of via hazardous waste
• All items disposed of in clinical waste sack
• Suitable for blood, urine, diarrhoea, vomit and many other liquid type spills.
• Bespoke kits can be assembled to your specific requirements

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